It Begins…

Hello, my name is Troy Taylor.  Ex-accountant and future something.

I’ve been collecting music and movies for over a decade, my CD collection numbers over a thousand and my DVD collection numbers over 3,000.

However, with downloading mp3’s and Netflix streaming my CD and DVD collection has slowed considerably over the past couple of years.  I have to admit, when it comes to music, my interest has waned over the years.  Perhaps because there’s something so impersonal about mp3s.

So recently to rectify that, I’ve started collecting vinyl records.  The great artwork, the “warmer” sound, the liner notes, the lyrics, but most importantly for me…the thrill of the hunt.

That’s what I want to use this blog for, to record my experiences searching through thrift stores, flea markets and record stores to add to my vinyl collection.  I admit I’m a nerd, so I love lists, so I am using The Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list as a basis to start my collection, but I’m picking up other stuff that I think is cool, too.  Also, while on the hunt I am looking for vintage video game stuff on these trips (I recently bought a Super Nintendo with 10 games at a thrift store for $20!)

So I’ll be doing updates recording what I’ve found, for how much (because more than anything, I’m cheap), and reviews of some of the albums I have in my collection.

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